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Jill Mumford

I paint primarily in oil paint. I am constantly inspired by nature, colour, space and form. I have a special love for colour, I like to think that is my specialty. My work as a painter has been inspired and encouraged by two generations of artists: my father and my grandfather. I paint and draw regularly from life models and practise plein air painting.

After leaving my graphic design course at Hornsey college of art I worked as an

illustrator for a couple of years. I then spent three years as Art Director at Polydor records designing and working with bands on record covers. After that I was a freelance record cover designer for many years working on L.P. covers for the Who, the Jam, Siouxie and the Banshees, XTC and many more. I have exhibited my record cover art for XTC; “Drums and Wires” at the Georges Pompidou art gallery in Paris.

I also worked for several years as a scenic artist working on films, commercials and pop videos.

To further my study in painting I enrolled to the Slade school of art. I have had 3 art exhibitions in London; two at a Kensington gallery and one at Chelsea.

I am newly elected to the Cambridge drawing society. I live and exhibit regularly in Hertfordshire.







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