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Constitution of the Much Hadham Art Society


The purpose of The Society is to promote an interest in Art and to encourage local artists by the holding of meetings, field outings and exhibitions in the following arts, painting, sculpture, drawing and photography.


  1. The name of The Society shall be The Much Hadham Art Society.

  2. Membership of The Society shall be open to all residents of Much Hadham and the surrounding area who are interested in, or who practice painting, sculpture, drawing or photography.

  3. The affairs of The Society shall be managed by an Organising Committee consisting of a President, Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and five additional members of The Society, all honorary. The Organising Committee may co-opt additional members from The Society membership.

  4. The offices of Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and Committee Member shall be subject to election each year at the Annual General Meeting. Sitting members shall be eligible for re-election.

  5. The Organising Committee may make rules relating to the submission, selection, presentation and sale of exhibits at such exhibitions as may be organised by The Society, and may appoint an Exhibition Sub-Committee for these purposes. Exhibitors must have been members of The Society for 3 months.

  6. There shall be an annual subscription to The Society as such a sum as shall be determined by the Organising Committee and approved at an Annual General Meeting. Provision may be made for a reduced subscription for juveniles, for family membership subscriptions or for honorary membership.
    The Organising Committee may make personal charges in addition to the annual subscriptions to cover the costs, or a part of the costs, of special expenditures such as coach hire, or invited lecturers, or the attendance of visitors.


  7. There shall be a closing date for the receipt of subscriptions each year, after which membership shall automatically lapse.

  8. The funds of The Society shall be applied solely to its stated aims. The members of The Organising Committee shall not receive payment, either direct or indirect, for their services or for other than the legitimate expenses incurred in the running of The Society. In the event of the dissolution of The Society any remaining funds shall be dispersed as the Organising Committee considers appropriate.

  9. The Society's accounts shall be subject to audit annually.

  10. Proposed alterations or additions to the Rules of The Society must be forwarded in writing to the Secretary at least 28 days before The Annual General Meeting at which they are to be raised. Such alterations or additions must be supported, on the submission, by the signatures of at least three members of The Society in addition to the proposer.

  11. A copy of these rules and of any alterations or additions thereto subsequently made with the approval of an Annual General Meeting shall be sent to every member of The Society.

  12. The Society's year shall run from 1st April to 31st March.

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